Youth Extreme Leaders

Youth Extreme leaders are the volunteers involved our Youth Extreme program on Friday night.  They are the ones who plan crazy events, have fun with our youth, teach the youth about Jesus and build relationships with them.  The leaders are one of the main reasons youth come out to our events.  These leaders play a very important role in the lives of inner-city youth.

If you are a Trinity Western Students…

Trinity Western Students are welcome to come by 9pm tuesdays in the community life meeting room (second floor of the Douglas centre) at TWU and check out the meetings.  You can contact Peter or Emily for more details.  You can also find us on facebook through groups and search for “youth extreme” or try this facebook link.

If you are interested in being involved regularly there is a trinity western new leaders form (PDF/DOC) or if you are a returning leader (at TWU) the returning leaders form (PDF/DOC)

You will also need to complete a criminal record check.

If you are not Trinity Western Student…

We still love you and would love to have you be involved in the youth program.  Please come out to the church on Sundays at 5:00pm for the evening service or come out on thursdays to family night at 5:30pm to get an idea about the church.

The application process is the same as for any other ministry at New Beginnings church and can be found on the volunteer page.