Wedding at New Beginnings

New Beginnings is a family centered ministry. We believe in marriage as designed by the Creator and regulated by God’s Word, the Bible. Weddings are celebrations of commitment and a covenant relationship between a man and a woman.

The prerequisite for a wedding at New Beginnings is pre-marriage counselling course with the pastor. We believe marriage is to last for a lifetime, and preparation is key to a lasting, happy marriage.

New Beginnings is available for weddings at the church depending on the availability.  We have a sanctuary that can fit approximately 150 people.  The sanctuary does not have pews, rather it has chairs that can be setup in various configurations.  Here are the costs for Weddings.

  • $400 for the sanctuary only
  • $500 for the sanctuary and downstairs hall and kitchen.
  • We also charge $250 damage deposit (refundable)

People who are actively involved at New Beginnings Church may be given a discount.

Please contact the church for more information.