New Beginnings is a church with a mission: to minister to the hurting and disadvantaged people of the inner city.  By the nature of our ministry, we depend on volunteers who have a heart for the people we serve.  Many of our ministries require the assistance of God’s people outside of our congregation.  Volunteers help with the food bank, children’s ministries such as day camps, SAY Yes! After-school Tutoring, Sunday School teaching, music, and outreach ministries like the Praise in the Park.  If you would like to know how you can serve, please check our volunteer application below or contact the church for more information.

Volunteer Application Process

You are more than welcome to volunteer with a large event or one-time volunteer opportunity.  However, if you wish to be involved more regularly we ask that you complete the Volunteer Application Process.

1. Complete the volunteer application

The application allows us to match your skills and interests to the appropriate volunteer area.  It also helps us gain a better understanding of your background to make sure you are a good fit for the area you wish to volunteer. The application is located here (PDF/ DOC)

2. Complete a criminal record check.

We can provide you with a letter that can be taken to the local police station or RCMP office in order to get a criminal record check complete.  Note that RCMP offices tend not to charge for volunteers where as the Vancovuer police department charges a $25 fee even if you are a volunteer

Since we work with vulnerable people including children, youth, disabled people, and women we require a criminal record check for our volunteers.  A negative result from a criminal record does not necessarily exclude someone from volunteering unless it would put our clients at risk.

3. Get a drivers abstract from ICBC (if you are driving church vehicles)

Driver safety is very important to us.  Therefore anyone who wishes to drive a church vehicle or transport people must obtain a drivers abstract at any  ICBC center.  These are free.

4. Submit application, criminal record check and drivers abstract

Please submit your completed application, criminal record check and drivers abstract to Joel Wagler.  The application can be dropped off at the church or given to one of the staff on the Contact page

5. After submitting your forms we will set up an interview

After examining your application, criminal record check and drivers abstract and interviewing you we can get a better idea as to where you would be able to volunteer and if you would be a good fit for New Beginnings.