Summer Camp

Camp Schedule 2016

Qwanoes: July 2-8 (Ages 11-14)

Day Camp: July 11-15, 18-22 (Ages 5-11)

Hope Bay Bible Camp:  July 31- August 5 (Ages 7-)

Qwanoes:  July 31-August 6 (Ages 9-11)

Each year, New Beginnings Church sends 60-70 kids and youth to Camp Qwanoes on Vancouver Island  and also holds a two-week day camp for 50 kids. Camp Qwanoes is a youth-focused, year-round camp and retreat centre with a heart for kids of all ages and all backgrounds, Christian or not. Founded in 1966, Camp Qwanoes is an ideal place for fun-filled, life-changing adventure. Situated on 50 acres of magnificent scenic waterfront property on Vancouver Island between Victoria and Nanaimo, Qwanoes is the perfect spot for our youth to go out and experience God’s creation.

As a Christian camp, Qwanoes takes principles of the Bible and makes them relevant to everyday life. This project aims to reach teens trapped in the cycle of poverty, alcoholism and dysfunction. Due to the financial situation in which these kids and their families find themselves in, going to camp is an almost impossible dream. Qwanoes continues to be a significant part of our kids’ testimonies. The fun environment, along with the loving care of the staff and being away from the city, makes for walls to be knocked down and truth and love to be spoken and demonstrated in their lives.

We also hold a family day camp for the inner city children. New Beginning’s day camps provide a safe and fun place for 5 to 11 year olds to hang out during the summer. For two weeks in July, kids get to spend quality time learning about Jesus, as well as making crafts, doing outdoor activities, playing games, and going on field trips. We have volunteer youth and adult workers that help carry out day camp. Day camp outings include: swimming, spending an afternoon at Science World, going to the beach, and having BBQ’s!