Statement of Faith

1. GOD:

We believe there is only one unique God, who is the Creator of the universe. He is holy, personal, sovereign and eternal, existing in three Persons; the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Since He is both unique and personal He Is to be worshipped and served by all creatures of His creation.


Jesus Christ is the second person of the Godhead, fully deity and fully man. He reveals the Father to mankind and through His sinless, incarnate life, His substitutionary death on the cross, His triumphal bodily resurrection from the grave, and His ascension to the Father. He is the absolute and only Savior of mankind. He is the only mediator between God and man. He will return to earth as judge and king. He is both a model of perfection and servanthood. His legacy to the Church is that we should make Him known to the ends of the earth.


The Holy Spirit is the third person of the Godhead. He is fully deity and personal in nature. He convinces of sin, of righteousness and of judgment; He regenerates the repentant sinner. He sanctifies, illuminates and strengthens the believer. Through His operation of common grace He restrains sinful nations. Through His ministry of special grace He empowers the believer with spiritual gifts for ministry and service in relation to the local church. Therefore the believer is absolutely dependent upon Him for life and service.


The Bible comprising the Old and New Testaments is the inspired Word of God. The sixty-six books were verbally, plenarily inspired of the Holy Spirit as prophets, apostles and other holy men recorded the revelation of God to man. No other writings on earth are worthy of the authority and honor accorded the Bible. For the Christian, every doctrine of belief must have its basis in the Word and every daily practice must conform to this revelation. Therefore it is vital that the believer read and meditate upon the Word as a daily spiritual exercise.


Angels are created spirit beings entrusted with service and worship before God and specifically given the task of ministering to children and to humans who are serving God.Satan was created an angel but he led one third of the angelic host in a revolt. He was cast out of heaven and is the arch enemy of God and man. He seeks to deceive men and lead them into sin. His strategy is to bind men through culture, tradition and political systems so that they refuse the Gospel and the revelation of God in the face of Christ Jesus. The task of the Church is to invade Satan’s strongholds with the liberating Gospel of Christ.


God created human beings after His own image, male and female, and placed them in charge of all creation. Man rebelled against God which resulted in depravity and a sin nature. Apart from God’s plan of redemption each human being stands guilty and condemned before a righteous God and Is deserving of death and eternal punishment. Therefore knowing the terror of the Lord we persuade men.


By appointment of the Father, Christ voluntarily suffered a vicarious, expiatory death for the sin of mankind. Through God’s sovereign electing grace and the obedient proclamation of the Gospel those who hear and respond in faith are eternally saved. The redeemed in Christ are preserved and sanctified unto that day when they shall be transformed into Christ’s image and likeness and live with Him throughout eternity in the New Jerusalem. A sign of kingdom obedience is to proclaim boldly the way of salvation beginning in Jerusalem and continuing to the uttermost parts of the earth. Thus every believer is called upon to bear witness for Christ in his or her immediate network of friends, relatives, and associates.


The Christian hope is in the personal, bodily return of the Lord Jesus Christ; at which time the dead will be resurrected, the just to eternal blessedness and the wicked to eternal conscious punishment. It is this hope that quickens the believer to daily holiness, motivates to new boldness in proclamation and stabilizes in the face of persecution.


‘The Church universal consists of believers from every tribe, language and people who make up the company of the redeemed. Saints of past generations, the present and those yet to believe make up the innumerable multitude who will gather around the throne of God and worship and serve Him throughout eternity.

The local church is comprised of believers who have acknowledged the Lordship of Christ through baptism, have voluntarily associated with other believers for edification in the Word, proclamation of the Gospel submission to one another in spiritual discipline and observation of the Lord’s table and baptism. We believe the spiritual gifts are given in the context of the local church to create unity and oneness. The officers of the local church are pastors and deacons. The church is a theocracy under the Lordship of Christ. The mandate of the church is evangelism and mission.


Christ commissioned His Church regularly to remember Him through two special means; the baptism by immersion of new believers as a sign of identification with His death, burial and resurrection and as a symbol of the inward cleansing through His sacrifice. The Lord’s table is a second ordinance which the church is regularly to conduct as a memorial and a focal point of worship. Believer’s are counselled in the Word of God to be careful to discern the Body of Christ. As such they are urged to remember the Lord’s Body and blood as well as the corporate nature of the local assembly.


We believe that God has uniquely endowed man to develop, cultivate, and discover the riches of His creation. In this role man is to care for the creatures under his dominion and maintain the ecological balance in the environment. We believe each generation has responsibility to conserve the earth’s resources so that those who follow will be able to enjoy its benefits. Therefore we believe it is essential for man to live a simple lifestyle and share the resources with people less fortunate than ourselves. We believe it is a sin for man to exploit his fellow man. We believe that God created man and woman equal and that any abuse of women by men is a grievious sin. Marriage is a partnership of two equals with complementary roles. We believe it is a God-given privilege to bear and raise children in the context of the family unit and that any violation of that trust has eternal consequences.


We believe the Kingdom of God is the sovereign rule of God manifested in the person and work of Christ, creating a people over whon He reigns and will be consummated at His coming in the creation of a realm in which His reign is fully realized. We believe that where a local church is established in a community it creates a kingdom presence,which restricts and binds Satan, although the institutional churcht itself is not to be equated completely with the kingdom. We believe that the kingdom of God is at war with the dominion of Satan and that it is imperative for believers engaged in battle to be fully equipped with kingdom weapons as set forth in Ephesians six.


The church and state are two distinct institutions operating for the welfare of mankind. We believe that life is an indivisible whole and as such both institutions have responsibility for the spiritual and physical welfare of mankind. However the state is not to control or muffle the church nor should the church seek to manipulate the state for its own ends. In a pluralistic society it is Important that the state insure that every person has the right to practice and propagate his beliefs. The church should pray for civic and judicial leaders and recognize that government is of divine appointment for the welfare of society.


We believe that the cycles of a workweek should Include a day of rest. For the Christian Sunday is a significant day in the weekly calendar in that we celebrate the resurrection of Christ from the grave on that day. Where possible believers should assemble for worship, spiritual nurture and fellowship on that day.