New Beginnings Arch Ministries


After 25 years New Beginnings Church has launched a mission called New Beginnings Arch Ministries. New Beginnings Church has done work that falls traditionally under the church and under missions work.  However, as we go forward we recognize the need to be more focused in both of these areas.   New Beginnings Church will focus on discipleship,  where as New Beginnings Arch Ministries will focus on missions and outreach.  These two entities will continue to work closely together both now and in the future. New Beginnings Arch Ministries will provide an Arch between the community and New Beginnings Church.  In return, New Beginnings Church will disciple people so that they can be involved in missions and outreach through New Beginnings Arch Ministries.

As we go forward, most of our missions work will fall under New Beginnings Arch Ministries.  This work will be supported and expanded as we look for new ways to reach into the community. The following programs will be under New Beginnings Arch Ministries

New Beginnings Church will continue to run our church programs and services including: Sunday services, Bible studies,  young adult/parent support groups, pastoral and crisis counselling, weddings, funerals and baptisms.  These services continue to be very important to the community as well.

Contact information:
New Beginnings Arch Ministries Website:
Phone number: 604-873-2100
brochure: ArchBrochure

Note: Currently New Beginnings Arch Ministries is a ministry of New Beginnings Church. It is not a separate legal entity (yet).