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Goodbye Angelos; Hello Nate!

We are disappointed to announce the departure of Angelos from his post of Youth Director at New Beginnings. Throughout the last three years Angelos has faithfully followed God’s call to serve the youth of our community in East Vancouver. However, he has felt called into different ministries and has decided to step down from his role here. Thank you Angelos for love for and dedication to this community, and we wish you all the best in pursuing God’s call on your life!

Our youth ministry will continue as normal however. We are excited to announce we have hired Nate Hartley to come on board as our interim Youth Director through the next few months as we start the process of hiring Angelos’ replacement. Nate brings a wealth of experience with our kids and will no doubt do a fantastic job in the role. Welcome Nate!

 Family Dinner Time Change! 

Starting this week (March 7th, 2019) our Thursday night Family dinner will start at 6:00 PM instead of 5:30. This is to help accommodate our Say Yes! program.

Thanks for your help with this!